In general, northern of Argentina, is a tropical zone, so the weather is usually warm. But when there countless regions with special characteristics, this suffers many variations. There is a huge weather  range from the cold desert of the Andes and the puna, until the subtropical heat of the jungle. The orientation of the mountainous cords

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The Argentine Northwest is a region characterized by its numerous species and natural beauty. National parks are protected areas within a specific legal framework created to preserve the native animals and plant life so that future generations can enjoy them. Let’s learn more about the national parks located in both Salta and Jujuy provinces. These beautiful

Food is a very serious deal in Argentina, and specially in the provinces of the Northwest. A mixture of colours and flavors from both pre hispanic cultures and Iberian cuisine that will make eating a key experience during your trip. We invite you to try some of these delicious options! Empanadas A lot has been