1 day
All ages
Puna, Purmamarca, Seven colors mountain
Physical Requirement
All round year
4100 msnm.
Maximum Altitude
520 km.

A tour departing from Salta Capital, traveling to the neighboring province of Jujuy and arriving in Purmamarca, where the renowned Cerro de los Siete Colores is visited.

Then, climb the Cuesta de Lipan, to reach the Salinas Grandes.

Puna and Salinas tour characteristics

DEPARTURE / RETURN Hotels in the downtown area of Salta city or Purmamarca.
DEPARTURE TIME From Salta: Between 7 and 7:45 am.
From Purmamarca: Between 10:30 and 11:00 am.
RETURN TIME Salta: From 7:30 pm.
Purmamarca: From 4 pm.
WHAT TO BRING? Comfortable sportswear, sneakers with sole, cap, sunglasses, a coat and sunscreen. How is the weather in northern Argentina?
Transfers Guide
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Food & drinks
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The Salinas tour starts in Salta city

Somewhere around 4pm and 5pm we arrive the magical salt desert at 3450m above sea level. It´s known as the Great Salt Flats.
This desert has a surface of 212km2, makes it an ideal place to play with perspectives through the lens of your camera.
You will also find the “house of salt”, as well as different sculptures out of salta.
Craftsmen can be seen making art out of big bricks of this mineral.

The Hill or Cuesta of Lipan

Leaving the salt flats, on our way to Purmamarca, we take the Route 52.
The winding road leads us, almost like a snake, up the mountain to Lipan, which is located in the district of Tumbaya, Jujuy at 4170m above sea level.
As we work our way up, the landscape is getting more and more spectacular and arid.
Climbing the highest point of our trip, we admire the most impressive things at this altitude, the zigzagging trail in Route 52.
Once arrived at this open space, we find craftsmen working with rocks and stones from the area.

Purmamarca and its Mountain of 7 Colours

After coming down the 1000 bends of Hill of Lipan, we get at around 6pm to Purmamarca, located next to iconic “Cerro de los 7 Colores” (seven colors mountain).
Purmamarca is one the most important pieces of paradise at the beginning of the Quebrada de Humahuaca.
It is a place to fall in love with because of its natural beauty, its architecture of precious houses and its narrow streets.
In this village we make our last break, which allows you to buy handicrafts around the main plaza.
After visiting the village, we return to Salta by highway.
Staying the night in Purmamarca is an option if you choose the Pack 4, so the next day we pick you up for an tour to Humahuaca.

Tour package that includes Salinas and Quebrada de Humahuaca

There is a promotional 2 days package that includes Quebrada de Humahuaca tour and Salinas Grandes tour. It is done in 2 days that do not need to be consecutive. We are talking about Pack 4 “Salt & Quebrada”.

Take advantage of the discount of booking these pack benefiting from a discount of 15% aprox.

For a more complete pack, you can take a look to the most complete tour package from Salta.

Salinas Grandes

Tour Reviews

4.95 based on 4 reviews

Long trip, but worth it. You get a great impression of the nature in this area, seeing phenomenons you can only see here. Topping it all was the awesome guide Guillermo,
giving a lot of interesting information in fluent english and creating a very positive vibe around the trip.
Loved it!


If you like guided tours this is for you.
English and Spanish offered.
The guide we had was very knowledgeable, not only about the locations but about the history of the region.
Comfortable mini bus, with several stops.
Note: as with most excursions tours stops are short and we wished we had more time.


Im not someone that usually enjoys being on a tour bus for long and would usually try to arrange my own travel, but really enjoyed the trip to Salinas Grandes. The mix of the stunning scenery, super comfy bus and interesting guide made the time fly by. I would really recommend going on this tour.
If you do this trip, I really recommend having a good wander around Purmamarca when the bus stops for a couple of hours, the scenery is breath taking.


I loved Salta!! It was a wonderful town and I enjoyed every single minute of my stay. The trip to Salinas Grandes was spectacular in every aspect. I found the scenery extraordinary and very beautiful. The small bus had the perfect size and the driver was friendly and drove well. I would recommend the trip to anyone travelling to Argentina!

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