Information to whoever wants to leave the country from the northern region of Argentina. Here you will find the characteristics of the steps toward border into Chile and Bolivia. Borders to Chile  Sico For the route 51 can reach the crossing of Sico, 4093 meters above sea level and 297 km. of Salta City. Comunicate

This table content useful information on distances and heights of the major cities of North Argentina. Distances from Salta City Town Route Nº Km. Miles masl Buenos Aires 34 1660 1031 0 Aeropuerto Salta 51 9 6 1145 Aeropuerto Jujuy 34 90 56 Vaqueros (Salta) 9 8 5 1200 La Caldera (Salta) 9 23 14 1455 Embalse

In general, northern of Argentina, is a tropical zone, so the weather is usually warm. But when there countless regions with special characteristics, this suffers many variations. There is a huge weather  range from the cold desert of the Andes and the puna, until the subtropical heat of the jungle. The orientation of the mountainous cords

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