When you think about the Argentine Northwest, you think of its landscapes. This region allows the visitor to enjoy a wide range of environments: colorful mountains, both super dry and wet areas, deserts, jungles and forest. One of the most curious place to visit are the salt flats. These enormous white patches of land consist

Information to whoever wants to leave the country from the northern region of Argentina. Here you will find the characteristics of the steps toward border into Chile and Bolivia. Borders to Chile  Sico For the route 51 can reach the crossing of Sico, 4093 meters above sea level and 297 km. of Salta City. Comunicate

Northern Argentina is very well connected with Northern Chile. For this reason an important exchange of passengers from San Pedro de Atacama to Salta, and vice versa occurs. Due to the large number of inquiries we have about schedules and features, we have put us in touch with the two companies offering this route to

There is a moment in every trip when we have to face an ancient dilemma. Is it really necessary to return with souvenirs for everyone from the office? Does that friend who I hardly ever see deserve a fridge magnet from my last trip to Argentina? Souvenirs are instantly associated with tourism. Let’s face it, we

This table content useful information on distances and heights of the major cities of North Argentina. Distances from Salta City Town Route Nº Km. Miles masl Buenos Aires 34 1660 1031 0 Aeropuerto Salta 51 9 6 1145 Aeropuerto Jujuy 34 90 56 Vaqueros (Salta) 9 8 5 1200 La Caldera (Salta) 9 23 14 1455 Embalse