2 days / 1 night
Calchaquí Valley
Low / Medium
Physical Requirement
All round year
3348 masl
Maximum Altitude
520 km.

The so-called “Round To The Valleys” is a 2 day tour which runs almost entirely the Calchaquí Valleys in Salta province.
Starting from Salta to Cachi, passing through the Cuesta del Obispo and the Cardones national park, will arrive at lunchtime, after going through the route No. 40 to hear views of extravagant beauty along the river and knowing Calchaquí historic villages as MolinosSeclantásAngastaco, etc.

It follows by the Quebrada de las Flechas, visiting San Carlos and arrived in Cafayate, where spends the night.

During the morning visiting the town and wineries, to undertake the return to Salta capital after lunch, crossing the Quebrada de las Conchas and Lerma´s Valley.

A 2-day tour through the Calchaquí Valleys

DEPARTURE / RETURN Salta central location accommodations.
DEPARTURE TIME (DAY 1) Between 7  / 7:45 am.
RETURN TIME (DAY 2) From 7 pm.
WHAT TO BRING? Comfortable sportswear, sneakers with sole, cap, sunglasses, a coat and sunscreen. How is the weather in northern Argentina?
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2-day trip itinerary

Day 1: Salta – Cuesta del Obispo – Los Cardones national park – Cachi – Seclantás – Molinos – Angastaco – San Carlos – Cafayate – NIGHT IN CAFAYATE.
Day 2: Cafayate – Quebrada de las Conchas (Anfiteatro, El Fraile, El Sapo…) – Salta

What are the Calchaquí Valleys?

The Calchaquí Valleys are a system of valleys and mountains that extend across the provinces of CatamarcaTucuman and Salta, until near the border with Bolivia, which are surrounded by high peaks, as the Nevado de Cachi, with 6,700 meters above sea level.

They were inhabited since pre-Inca times by groups of origin Diaguita or “Calchaquí,” a brave indigenous culture which remained one of the last pockets of resistance before the Spanish invasion. The so-called War Calchaquí, began in 1562 organized by military chief, Juan Calchaquí.
For this area passed the Inca Trail and caravans of llamas  from the “Alto Perú“. This shows its importance as a trade route between the Andean towns.

Places to visit in the Calchaquí Valley

Cachi and Cuesta del Obispo

Town pre-existing before Spanish domination. The town kept old houses on narrow streets lined.
You can visit Cachi in 1 day taking the tour to Cachi.


It is called the “Cradle of Poncho salteño” because it is a land of experts craftsmen.. The perfect place to buy carpets, ponchos, blankets or fabric in general.
Is located on Route 40, on the banks of the Calchaquí River.
At present, the town revolves around a main street, in houses with galleries and roof covered with cane and mud. It has post office, hospital, craft center, phone booth, warehouses, and is ready to receive tourists.
About 12 km. outside, is the beautiful and mysterious Lagoon “Brealito“, replete with stories and tales of strange lights, UFOs and monsters. If you want visit Brealit, ask for a private tour from Salta.


Town founded in mid-seventeenth century and which lies at the confluence of rivers Humanao and Luracatao, 2020 meters above sea level.
It highlights his Church (National Monument), built in 1639, where lie the mummified remains of the last governor realistic, Nicholas Isasmendi.


Small town with 2531 inhabitants, located at 1990 meters in a valley crossed by the River Angastaco.
From this village begins the “Quebrada de las Flechas (Arrows)”, an allusion to the capricious shapes who took the mountains with many years of erosion from wind and water.
His church is a recent construction and dates between 1976 and 1979, with a beautiful colonial style.

San Carlos

At other times this population had a economic and trade boom , which became the candidate to become provincial capital.
His church is a historic monument and the museum dates from the eighteenth century.
There is also at the Finca Buena Vista, the only stone mill in operation in this region with a millennial system.


Small town which means “Place of Heaven” in Kakana language , and that has become famous for its “patero” wine production. Its economy revolves mainly around this industry, fabrics and pottery.


It is one of the most important cities in the Calchaqui Valleys Tour.
It is possible to visit Cafayate in 1 day. Check the tour to Cafayate.

Quebrada de las Flechas
Quebrada de las Flechas

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