1 day
Cuesta del Obispo
Requerimiento Físico
3348 masl
Altitud Máxima
3 passengers

It´s a cold morning in the city of Salta and we are ready for the best downhill in Salta. The sky is cloudy, yet it doesn’t look like it will rain. After a nice breakfast, we hop into the van and start our two hour trip to Piedra del Molino, where we will stop, grab the bikes and start descending the famous and impressive Cuesta del Obispo.
This beautiful road is located halfway between Salta and Cachi, going through some of the most prominent landscapes in the region and the country.

Characteristics of the Downhill in Salta at the Cuesta del Obispo

DEPARTURE / RETURN Central location accommodations.
DURATION Full Day. From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. approx. (The duration is variable according to the group level)
DIFFICULTY Medium. For people with good physical condition ready to withstand a sharp drop.
SEASON From April to November. The rest of the months, the departures will be conditioned by the weather.
RECOMMENDED CLOTHING Depending on the weather and the time of the year: comfortable sportswear, shoes with a good sole, sunglasses, a coat and sunscreen. All in a small backpack of approximately 30 liters.
Transfers Complete Equipment
Snacks Water
Guide Lunch

Why the name Cuesta del Obispo?

According to history, some bishop from Tucuman spent an uncomfortable night in the road in 1622 during his long trip to Cachi. We still honor him in the present day by calling the road The Bishop’s Slope.
This route starts at approximately at 1700 meters above sea level and reaches 3340 at Piedra del Molino. Only 20 kilometers full of twists and curves, so prepare to feel a bit dizzy!

After completing this set of turns, we reach the highest point. An authentic granite millstone was left there decades ago by some merchant who had some problems with his wagon on his way to Cachi, and decided to never come back for it.
From this point, it is possible to continue crossing Los Cardones National Park (through an old, 19 kilometer straight Inca road called Recta del Tin Tin) to get to a town called Payogasta before reaching Cachi. This is completely doable if you have a car, however, a good option is to hire a full day guided tour to Cachi if you don’t feel like driving and are looking for the extra information only a guide can provide.

However, we came here to ride our bikes, remember?

After going through the security measures and making sure all the equipment is ready, we start cycling downhill.
Enjoying unique views, the wind blowing in our faces and feeling like we are floating over the pavement.
There are some stops on the way to enjoy the landscape, eat a snack, take some pictures and catch a breath before some more pedaling.
The support vehicle is always by our side. Making sure everything is fine and ready to take us safe and sound back to Salta after a day of adrenaline.

Bike Rental in Salta, a cheaper option

There is the possibility of renting a bicycle in Salta and doing the circuits independently. Through an agreement with MTB Aventura Salta company, it is possible to rent different types of bikes and receive detailed information about the mtb circuits that can be made.

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