The best way to explore Salta city and its surroundings is to rent a bicycle. Salta has some cycle routes that allow you to start a small or large bike trip from the center.

What to do in Salta with a bike?

It will depend on each traveler. There are economic options and low difficulty, such as renting an urban bike or an standard mountainbike to explore the city.

For those who have more training, rent a mountain bike for about 6 hours, will be ideal to cycle up the San Bernardo hill, or cycle the 10 km. of cycle path that connect Salta with San Lorenzo, or go by bike to the Bicentennial Park.

Can i make an independent bike trip?

For the more experienced cyclists, there are options such as renting a mountain bike with luggage rack, saddlebags and all the equipment for touring trips independently.

What kind of bicycles do you have?

The bicycle rental service belongs to the company MTB Aventura Salta, which has experience in guided tours, rentals and is a reference in adventure tourism in Salta for more than 10 years.
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In our new Santa Fe 59 street office, a “Bike Rental Point” has been installed, where passengers can go to rent the equipment and receive personalized advice from the MTB staff.

There is a big variety and stock of city bikes, mountain bikes, bicycles 26, 27,5 and 29 wheel size categorized in City Bike, MTB Standard and MTB Superior.

It is also possible to rent skates rollers or in-line skates.

Prices to rent a bicycle in Salta

These prices are expressed in Argentine pesos and are valid until 31 December 2019.

0 to 2 hs. 2 to 6 hs. Full day (9 to 20) 24 hs. Extra day
MTB STANDARD $450 $650 $800 $950 $750
MTB SUPERIOR $750 $950 $1150 $850


EXTRAS Complementary equipment for rent
AR$150 per day
AR$200 per day
Cycling gloves
AR$500 (for sale)

What equipment includes the bike rental in Salta?

The rental of any bicycle includes: Helmet, bottle with cold water, tool kit, inflator and spare camera.

Can I extend more than the stipulated rental schedule?

Yes, in that case overtime is charged. After the contracted time range, the rate of the following range will be applied. The customer must pay the corresponding difference.

Guarantee deposit: The following values must be left in guarantee for the rental:

MTB Standard: AR $ 500 / MTB Superior: AR $ 1000.

They will be reintegrated when returning the rented equipment, after checking the general condition.

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